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Runners are strange people. They pay to run on public streets. They shoot boogers out of their noses onto the sidewalk. They spread vaseline in the oddest places. They suck tubes of jelly from foil packets like it’s their last meal. They smile while sweaty…

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And in some cases they want to run while sick.

I wouldn’t be amazed to see a lifelong runner doing laps around the medical facility before surgery.

Hey, I didn’t say we were smart, I said we’re weird. Actually, I choose the term “dedicated to fitness”.

But ought to you run while sick?

I am not going to be a hypocrite (okay, I won’t be a hypocrite in this post, but other messages are fair game) so I can’t say Don’t Run While sick because I ran 4 miles when I was feeling “off” after Panama (image source)

aaaand proceeded to projectile vomit at the Dole Summit. stylish lady, I know. In my defense I had a Panamanian parasite. Do as I say little bears, not as I barf in public…

Anyways, there is one essential guideline to follow when you’re sick

“If it’s in your chest, you should rest.”

Read: If your lungs are full of gunk, don’t make life harder for them by doing something that makes it challenging to breathe.

And another unofficial common sense guideline is – “If exercise makes you feel worse, don’t do it.”

Basically if you are mildly ill with a cold or sore throat you can still exercise if it makes you feel better – but don’t power through just to be a warrior. You don’t get extra points in heaven for running till you barf (now I know God!).

Ultimately when I feel sick I play it by ear on how I feel, how much energy I have, if I have a fever, or the pox or think running might kill me.

But because I love running I try to get better asap! I have a few rituals that make me feel better when I’m sick…

First, I get a juice from the WF juice bar. Then, I sit on my couch and view trash TV. Finally, I eat a bunch of unhealthy food to make me feel better. I’m sure that last one only makes me feel worse, but it’s part of the healing process

Whether or not you can run you want to feel better when you are feeling sick. and you know what always makes me feel better?


So, I’m pretty thrilled HALLS Warm-Up drops come in Mocha Mint Flavor. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m wishing and hoping it’s going to be better then many throat drops that taste like actual medicine. Also trymanuka honey which helps too.

Question: I’m prepared to try any and all old wives tales / family remedies to get better when I’m sick – got any suggestions or tricks to share?

Disclosure: compensation was offered by HALLS through Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of HALLS. HALLS Warm-Up drops are distinct soothing drops that are warm and amazing in one. Menthol vapors amazing nasal passages while the warming sensation gently warms and soothes throats. available in two delicious flavors: Apple Cider & Mocha Mint.



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