This is why I Run

“I might never do that.”

“I dislike running!”
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“I don’t run.”

I’ve heard this from people when they discover out I run marathons & half marathons.

Other runners get it however we can still have extremely different reasons why we run. הנה שלי…

Day 2 of stack on the Miles: Why do you run?

I started walking to lose weight the summertime after high institution as well as ultimately started running.

I ran a 10K with a buddy as well as it opened my eyes to a whole new world.

People like me (overweight, slow, newbie) run too?!
Everyone’s welcome?
We’re right here to have fun?
I can really run a race? בחוץ?? בציבור?!?

I was shocked that it wasn’t just speedy, skinny cross country runners. I completely expected to surface last or quit.

Actually running a race provided me the guts to believe about trying one more race.

From there I trained for a half marathon. That was extremely hard. however I did it!

I ran halfs for a while before choosing to run one full marathon. I understood it’d be incredibly challenging. as well as I was still having a hard time with my weight.

So I started as a training & diet plan blog to paper my journey (and keep me honest).

I didn’t expect any individual to checked out it. It was just for fun. however RER grew a big following.
My like for running grew too!

I wished to assist others as well as be a resource so I got licensed as a RRCA Running instructor as well as later a Holistic health and wellness instructor (with the Institute for integrated Nutrition).

I’m so delighted as well as grateful that I can link with you with @RunEatRepeat !

And it’s all since running discovered me.

So why do I run?

I run since I like it.
I look ahead to weekend long runs as well as quick miles on a weekday morning.
I like exactly how I feel after a 10 miler. I like hitting that wonderful area of worn out as well as runner’s high.
I like speaking about running!
I like assisting other runners with ideas as well as advice.
I like the buddies I’ve made with running.
I like that people of all ages, experience levels, backgrounds, etc can link with running.

Running has altered my life.

PILE on the MILES Day 2

The picture of the day difficulty timely is – Why I Run. Share your reason on Instagram as well as identify @RunEatRepeat so I can checked out about your ‘why’.

I published the listing on IG so you can likewise screenshot it there to save as well as comply with along!

Why do you run?

Tag me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat with your answer!

#PileOnTheMiles #RunEatRepeat

If you want to join the stack on the Miles difficulty you can still indication up here:

Pile on the Miles difficulty 2019

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