Portabella Burgers get Burnt

No, I didn’t burn the fabulous portabella mushrooms that I got for dinner. Luckily, those came out perfect!

But, I did manage to burn my arm on a pot of boiling water. #לְהִכָּשֵׁל
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Marathon training Day 2
Marathon training journal day 2. RunEatRepeat.com

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הבא בתור
What I eat In A Day – runner edition


After a good wipe down I marinated the ‘shrooms in balsamic salad dressing, garlic and S&P for an hour.

Then, Ben grilled them up on our little camping grill because that’s all we have.

This sandwich was TALL!!! I stacked it with tomatoes and onions – unfortunately we are out of greens for it though.

Tonight Ben said he should start a blog to feature the dinners I make for him. I guess I’ve been cooking a lot of things he loves and he’s a happy bear ?

So, he took a picture of his food too…*note that’s a real burger with a portabella on it.

Dessert was a handful of chocolate chips x2. אהבה.

This afternoon I had a dessert-y granola bar = tastes good, but does nothing for my hunger. and an orange (no pic).

Like I said, the granoler did nothing for my hunger and I felt like raiding the cabinets. I decided the best choice would be a packet of Raisin spice Oatmeal. מושלם! It satisfied my hunger and sweet tooth ?

Ben sent me a link to this article today… in a nutshell:  Scientists are suggesting putting  seaweed in food to help prevent the body from absorbing fat.

Our conversation following that email is Ben’s comment of the Day:

My response to the seaweed article: God forbid they just ask people to move more and eat less…

Ben:  Well, even so, some people exercise for 2hrs every day and eat nothing but vegetables but still drive their husbands crazy talking about losing weight.

Me:  This is going in the blog.          PS – F.uck you          PPS – I love you, ignore the PS.

שלח לי את חוברת העבודה


שיתוף הוא אכפתיות!







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