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Hello! I am blogging from Coffee Bean and Tea leaf between a client and a fitness assessment this morning  

It’s very beautiful out, but I’m enjoying my coffee from inside because of the laptop glare. At least I’m sitting by a window?
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Marathon training Day 2
Marathon training journal day 2.

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הבא בתור
Then She Was Gone – book Review


I was expected to join a few of my fave runner/blogger pals for a speed work session this morning, but I had to bail last night because I wasn’t going to make it in time. I asked Margot aka The faster Bunny (that’s her blog name!) to tell me what to do.

Note: Margot knows my PRs and gave me the following Yasso session…

Note #2: Margot certainly doesn’t know I am NOT the faster Bunny, maybe I could pass for the Easter Bunny, but that’s it.

I have never legitimately done speed work. I tried Yassos I think once before but didn’t really shoot for a time, just attempted to go faster than usual.

Since I wasn’t at a track I ran half a mile around a big block. Recovered, then went back where I came from. I did this 6 times. I’m sure it looked really strange to passersby, but I’m used to that.

The first two 800s were brutal. I called Margot and left a voicemail screaming, “I am NOT the faster bunny!!!!!!!”

Then, I put my big girl chonies on and did the other 4. I got faster for the last few, but did not hit 7:15s like she advised. next time, I promise.

Now that it’s over I’m kinda happy of myself for doing all 6 repeats. I wanted to quit after one.

Then, I headed home to celebrate Waffle Wednesday! remember when I used to eat waffles every Wednesday and make a joke about how it sounded like terrible Wednesday?

I really wish I could make protein waffles, but the last two times they’ve been a disaster. I will try again soon, but for now I have Kashi waffles with PB&J, chia seeds and naner. I filled the protein void with a big bite of Ben’s egg sandwich.

Snack Spotlight: I scored a Manager’s special for the new Yoplait Greek Yogurt Parfaits and had one for a snack yesterday afternoon.

I thought it was going to be crappy granola, but it was good!

230 calories seems like a lot compared to other greek yogurts, but this is a lot less than I would eat if I had a whole bag of granola I added to the yogurt myself!

Pros: portion control, easy to take on the go, tastes good

Cons: Not as much protein as other greek yogurts, too expensive even on sale

Question: favorite granola?

Bonus Question: ever done speed?

*Speed work, I implied speed work…

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איך לעשות את אתגר המהירות של ספטמבר כדי לרוץ מהר יותר

הפעלת אתגר כדי להיות מהר יותר. how to run faster with this month’s speed challenge! שלושה צעדים לרוץ מהר יותר

Running view fail and Fro Yo Wins – 132

Running view fail and Fro Yo Wins – 132

So numerous Updates! Let’s talk about beat Saber – have you played? The California Wildfires – make it harder to run! יוגורט

איך לעשות את אתגר המהירות של ספטמבר כדי לרוץ מהר יותר

איך לעשות את אתגר המהירות של ספטמבר כדי לרוץ מהר יותר

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פועל ללוח הכושר – ספטמבר 2020

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הפעל מהר יותר – כיצד להשתמש בתרשים RPE לרצים

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