Getting Eyelash Dip as well as Lash Extensions

This publish given you by summertime of Groupon.  All opinions are 100% mine.

שלום! I feel like today’s Groupon altered my life. Yes, that’s remarkable as well as indeed this is a extremely “redhead problems” circumstance however even though I have long, thick eyelashes you can’t see them since they’re strawberry blonde.
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Marathon training Day 3

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Call the wah-bulance.

So, I always feel like an albino alligator without comprise since my huge ol’ eyes have no eyelash rim situation.

I’ve believed about getting my eyelashes as well as eyebrows dyed in the past so I wouldn’t have to offer with comprise as well as might still look like a typical person with appropriate hair on their face. But, I never tried it since I believed the dye would run into my eyes as well as blind me.

Again, I’m dramatic.

בכל מקרה. I got excited when I spotted a Groupon for Lash Dip as well as Lash Inserts.

Note: The offer I got is no longer offered however you can get eyelash tinting right here or eyelash extensions by searches ‘eyelashes’ on Groupon.

I’ve heard a great deal of buzz about Eyelash Extensions – which are mainly silk or synthetic eyelashes glued to your existing lash. I couldn’t do that on a very first try since my lashes are light as well as you would be able to see where they began as well as where the fake ones started. So the esthetician suggested a ‘Lash Dip’ to dye them black very first as well as then added some extensions to the end for a feline eye kinda look.

The whole process took about as well as hour/hour as well as a half. as well as it was painless as well as relaxing.

The eyelash tint lasts up until your eyelashes grow out. It’s thought about semi-permanent. Eyelash extensions last about 2-3 weeks.

I was truly happy with the after! I believe I am going to like not having to offer with make-up, particularly during the summer!!

I never go to sleep with cosmetics on. even if I stay out all night as well as roll myself in at 6am 3am – I take it off. I can’t sleep with it on…

So, it was weird when I stumbled in the bathroom to see myself as well as was kinda like, “Ah! Why is that woman using comprise at 6am?! Oh, it’s me…”

(They look ridiculous in that photo as well as I like it.)

And in an effort to prevent using any type of type of concealer or BB cream or whatev I got a wine Detox Facial! At very first I believed I was going to have to stop drinking wine for this detox – NO say thanks to YOU. But, then I discovered the facial utilizes wine/apple based acids.

This facial was from Dawn’s Day medical spa in Dana point – only a mile or so from the beach! כמו זה. I am kinda in like with this whole area as well as desire I would have organized to just hang out right here all day.

Since I just got my eyelashes done there was no steam/extractions (that’s the part that usually hurts during a facial). So, it was all relaxing as well as smelled so nice. now I feel refreshed.

Between my new eyelashes as well as clean skin, I’m quite excited to just have to slap on some sunblock as well as head out the door!

נתראה מאוחר יותר!

Question: exactly how many days of the week do you wear make-up?

(Boys you can totally response this too.)

שלח לי את חוברת העבודה


שיתוף הוא אכפתיות!








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