My preferred Running shoes & would I Do the Dopey difficulty once again

Hello! right here are the top 3 concerns from today’s @RunEatRepeat Instagram story box. I chosen these to share right here since they’re practical and/or informative for other runners. as well as there’s a concern about the Dopey difficulty that I’ve been implying to address. So, if you’re believing about doing the Dopey difficulty and/or have any type of concerns about it – put it in the comments or DM me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat.

Dopey difficulty Question

Question: would You Do the Dopey difficulty Again?

Yes – if a sponsor invited me to run the Dopey difficulty as part of a project. however I wouldn’t want to pay for it again. The race, transportation/travel as well as hotel add as much as make it a extremely costly ‘race vacation’ (I hesitate to utilize the word getaway right here since it didn’t feel like one).

I likewise would think about doing it once again IF I had a group of running friends as well as we were doing it together. I believe a girls’ trip with a great deal of running is a blast. But, choosing somebody who doesn’t run or isn’t doing the difficulty isn’t ideal.

I have a great deal of thoughts about the Dopey difficulty as well as am still working on a publish about it. If you have any type of concerns or want me to cover anything particular – let me know. Leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat 

RRCA Run trainer Certification

How did getting the RRCA Run trainer accreditation effect your running career?

I got licensed as a running trainer since Run eat Repeat was growing extremely fast! I was getting a great deal of concerns from other runners as well as wished to make sure I was informed as well as informed to assist as much as possible.

But to response your concern – I believe it assisted my running by making me feel much more confident. It made me feel like I belonged in the running neighborhood a lil bit more. It may noise weird, however it’s difficult to redefine yourself after growing up believing specific things (in my situation that I was fat as well as not a runner). as well as that confidence assisted me delight in running much more – which is the best!

Favorite Running shoes best Now

Question: What are your present preferred running shoes? I utilized to wear Brooks Adrenaline however they lost me with the last update.

I utilized to be a Brooks Running shoes girly 1000% too! I still like their shoes as well as primarily wear the Brooks Ghost now. But, after I broke my foot I needed something with a great deal of pillow as well as started to wear Hokas (I’d used them in the past as well as was familiar with their very pillow situation).

But, I didn’t want to stick with Hokas as my primary & only running shoe. Now I have a few different pairs of running shoes that I rotate. right here are the shoes I wear to run best now – plus links to the ones I wear for walking / life.  I’d think about all of these shoes in the neutral category. They’re likewise all quite light as well as have great cushion.

The finest shoe for YOU depends upon YOU. So, if you don’t have a preferred running shoe – go to a running shoe store to get fitted, tell them what you’re training for as well as your preferences. They’ll typically suggest a few choices (if they don’t suggest it without prompt- ask them to provide you 3 options). Then, try them on… walk around, run around if they let you or have a treadmill – as well as selected based on exactly how they feel.

running shoes Mentioned:

Hoka One One Running shoes (on Amazon) // Hoka One One on Nordstrom – I used these after I broke my foot for some additional pillow to assist safeguard it. I likewise used these a few years back as well as truly liked them. They’re very light as well as have a great deal of cushion.

Altra Rivera road Running shoe (on Amazon)  // Altra Rivera Running shoes (on Nordstrom) – Love! כל כך נוח. Altra Running shoes likewise have a broad toe box so if you have a great deal of issues with black toe nails or losing toe nails – this may be a great option.

Altra path Running shoes // Altra Train Running shoes (on Nordstrom) –  I don’t wear these to run, I wear these for walking my canine as well as just life. That’s primarily since I don’t run tracks since I’m frightened of snakes as well as spiders as well as whatever else that lives there.

Nike Air Zoom tempo Running shoes (from – I’m still using as well as loving these Nike Running shoes even though the very first time I used them my foot totally bled with to the outside of the shoe as well as you might extremely certainly see it.

Brooks Ghost Running shoes (on Amazon) // Brooks Ghost Running shoes (from Nordstrom) – These are a tried as well as true preferred running shoe. They just feel quick as well as are available in so numerous fun colors.

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