Your Running goals should Be set Based YOU

yesterday I saw a memory on Facebook of a publish I shared after a new Marathon PR. All I published was this photo of my view showing a time of 3:55 as well as the short subtitle – new MARATHON PR!!

At the time I was blogging daily (sometimes much more than when a day) all about half & full marathon training, diet, races as well as life. So, many people realized all the time, effort, tears as well as miles I put in to get there. as well as if you didn’t recognize – my recaps linked back to previous messages that assisted discuss the story.

Now a huge part of our neighborhood spends much more time on Instagram. instead of reading 20 blogs you may be complying with 200 runners. as well as the most eye catching pictures get pushed to the top of your feed – so it’s difficult to keep in mind everyone’s journey that got them to that picture.

I can’t link back to training runs or race recaps that show the highs as well as lows of working towards a goal. The captions are shorter as well as have to be funny for people to stop scrolling as well as checked out (this is called microblogging).

I like Instagram as well as believe there are so numerous excellent things about it – particularly for the running neighborhood (um… comply with me @RunEatRepeat)! We’re able to link with other runners training for the exact same race or with similar goals all around the world. It assists with accountability as well as motivation – two things that are essential to running better, stronger as well as faster!

But, the things that make IG excellent (like gorgeous, fun or remarkable development photos) keep us from seeing all the things that go into training for a half marathon or full marathon PR. Yes, you can share post-race training pics, blisters, set-backs – however those lessons are commonly overshadowed by the success photos.

I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that. I like a ‘bullet points’ version of everything. just provide me the facts or the very best parts!

I’m just sharing this since that picture with my new pr was a huge WIN for me at the time. But, I want you to understand that before that win I failed. I attempted to run a sub-4 hour full marathon twice as well as FAILED before I lastly (and barely) hit that goal.

I didn’t go from couch to sub-4 hour marathon runner.

It wasn’t easy. My before as well as After pictures didn’t occur overnight or in 30 days or over the program of one training cycle.

I truly doubted myself after failing. Running is hard. Running for a time goal is harder. as well as doing that when you believe you’re SLOW, FAT or CAN’T – is hardest. You have to stay positive as well as believe in yourself. Make sure the things you’re thinking, watching, listening to assist you.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You don’t understand anyone’s entire journey, thoughts, motivation as well as mindset – except your own.

Set your goals based on YOU. מה אתה רוצה? What’s essential to YOU? Where’s YOUR present fitness?

Follow other runners. applaud for other runners. however applaud for yourself the loudest.

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Follow me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat – See ya there!

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לפני מרתון לה בדוק את הטיפים האלה

לפני מרתון לה בדוק את הטיפים האלה

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