How I satisfied Ben as well as Lunch

I believed it was strange that even though I ate a big bowl of oatmeal around 10:30am,  I was hungry for lunch at 11:30am?! Then, I realized it’s since I ate breakfast so late that I was hungry again. I had been up considering that before 6:30am, ran 5.8 miles as well as didn’t eat a full meal up until 10:30am = a extremely messed up blood sugar.

Even though I had just ate I listened to my body as well as ate lunch early. I had leftover Mexican Pizza, carrots as well as a handful of veggie sticks.
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Getting a Coronavirus test – exactly how it works, what it feels like, my experience as well as more. I got the standard test as well as Ben got the Covid-19 fast test.

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Face Mask ideas for Running as well as walking Outside


I was still hungry after this as well as ate half a SB bar as well as a cookie. Okay, that was sufficient finally. I really was overly full after this – undoubtedly this is since I didn’t requirement all this food ideal then, however my body was confused. Lesson: If I am not going to exercise within 1 hour of waking then I requirement a full breakfast (and a bit cereal doesn’t cut it). like I said, I’m still figuring out my meal plan to repair this.

More Ask Me Anything Questions!!! This is a fun game ? Sorry if it’s tiring to any individual that doesn’t care about the mundane details of my life…

Question: Who’s blog did you very first checked out that introduced you to the blogging community?

Monica: I stumbled upon eat like Me on Self Magazine’s site as well as checked out that for a while before finding the blog world. From there I was consumed considering that it was fantastic to discover so lots of people with similar interests/problems/learning experiences.

Question: exactly how did you as well as Ben meet? – not sure if you’ve talked about this in other posts.

Monica: in spite of the truth that I totally shared my engagement, planning as well as wedding event on the blog nobody has ever asked me exactly how Ben as well as I satisfied up until now!

Ben as well as I really satisfied online. Yep, we are one of those couples. We both subscribed for eharm after going with break-ups as well as realizing neither of us had buddies that were into being social. This indicated we weren’t in a location to satisfy new people as well as step on with our lives, so we had to do something about it. It’s funny that we subscribed for similar reason ?

Anyways, we emailed back as well as forth only a couple of times before he provided me his number as well as I called. He was truly strange on the phone as well as I nearly canceled our very first date ? say thanks to God I didn’t!

We had a fantastic very first date on a Friday night. We both were at the exact same location in our lives as well as it just felt good.  I keep in mind going for a run the next day with a smile on my deal with the whole time. I was running on air.That complying with Monday we went to the motion pictures (date #2).

Later that week we were speaking about going to the Grand Canyon. He told me he would pick me up Friday night as well as we would drive to Las vegas as well as go to the Grand Canyon on Saturday. I was trying to phone call his bluff so I stated okay.

He wasn’t bluffing…

Our third date was to the Grand Canyon. He was a total complete stranger that I satisfied on the Web as well as less than a week later I was letting him drive me to some remote place in the desert. I do not suggest any individual doing this, ever. Don’t do it. It might have turned out badly. however (maybe it was my red head luck or something) I got a sound out of it ?

A bit as well close to the edge with a stranger…

Question: When you very first started running, were you ever anxious about “over doing it” as well as injuring/tiring yourself? exactly how lots of days/miles did you run on typical when you very first started running?

Monica: I wasn’t anxious about over doing it when I very first started running since I only ran on a treadmill as well as wasn’t training for anything. I just started running since I got worn out of walking as well as only did as much as I could. I wasn’t keeping track at the time so I don’t understand exactly how long it took me, however ultimately I got as much as 6 miles a day. I ran that for a long time before I even thought about racing.

Question: Do you ever question what life would be like if you didn’t blog? would you eat in a different way if people weren’t watching?

Monica: I believe my life would be precisely the exact same without the blog. I’m not successful sufficient to have blogging as my task – it believe that would provide it a lot more of an effect on my life.

I don’t believe I would eat any type of in a different way if I didn’t blog either. I checked out a great deal of blogs as well as I feel like I keep it genuine as well as extremely open with you guys. I have days where I eat things I would rather not blog, however I do. This blog isn’t about exactly how completely healthy I am, it is about exactly how genuine I am. I truly try difficult to lead a healthy way of life by example. I am a woman who wishes to lose weight, likes running as well as has problems with food. My eating is less than ideal, however it’s me.

Question: Why did you step across the country as well as what does Ben do for work?

Monica: Ben as well as I transferred to Maryland from California for a task chance I got. It ended up not being in any way what I expected as well as subsequently fell apart.

Ben is an engineer. Don’t let his lumberjack-like appearance deceive you, he is a genius.

Question: Where are you going to step to when your lease is up? Do you regret moving?

Monica: I absolutely do not regret moving. It has been a big discovering experience as well as I’m grateful for it. I likewise believe it’s opened up new chances that I wouldn’t have pursued otherwise.

We don’t understand where we are going when the lease is up. half of us are voting for California, half of us are voting for Florida…



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