RIP Garmin

My Garmin is dying. It may already be dead actually. It wouldn’t turn on this morning as well as I tried the holding down both front buttons technique as well as it would turn on for a second as well as then turn off ?

If it’s truly dead I’m just going to have to offer a kidney for one more one. I have to have it because I don’t have routes memorized around here.
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4 minute Standing Core workout for Runners
Standing Abs workout you can do at home. No devices core exercises you can do standing up before or after a run. quick tutorial on 5 workout moves for a strong core as well as to difficulty your balance.

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0 seconds of 4 minutes, 31 seconds

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Marathon training Day 4


Boo ? I’m trying to fee it once again best now as well as will mess with it later…

So, I believe I did about seven miles. But, I can’t be sure!

No pics – cereal as well as a pear. I ate a pear as soon as I got back from my run ?

Before I left I had a little bowl of cereal. I am still having a hard time with whether or not to have cereal in the house. I plow with it when it’s here, however I feel like I’m depriving myself when I don’t have it.

After my run I was craving an egg sandwich. I like adding veggies to eggs so I can knock out some vegetable servings early in the day. I cooked up some broccoli as well as onions before adding in the eggs. All we had is cheese sticks so I had to utilize that, looks funny however it worked!

Now I’m chomping on a Luna bar for a snack ?

Ben’s breakfast – I utilized the bread I made last night to make Ben french toast this morning. I left a few slices out last night to get a bit stale. This morning I dipped them in eggs as well as coated them with coconut. I believe he liked it, however he didn’t surface it so perhaps not (he wasn’t feeling the bread last night). In other random news:

I have two big pimples that I chosen at as well as now I look like a leper

I was freezing my entire run today – I don’t understand exactly how much much more I can stand!

Christmas is only eight days away!!! Yo quiero tamales ?

Question: What is your conventional holiday eats? Do you do Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner with the family??

A: I have a huge Mexican household ? We typically gather for food as well as drinks Christmas eve. Then, we go to my grandma’s for Christmas breakfast – that is always tamales, eggs, beans as well as more! But, my mother as well as I are trying to begin a custom to have Christmas dinner with me as well as my brothers. I can’t choose what to make though…



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ManGo eco-friendly Smoothie bowl Recipe:

ManGo eco-friendly Smoothie bowl Recipe:

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מתכון שייק חלב דגנים

איך בדיוק להכין חלב דגנים כמו גם מתכון שייק חלב דגני בוקר קל. מתכון חלב דגני בוקר טעים פשוט עם MI מקורי בקליפורניה

מתכון פשוט תפוח אדמה אפוי ארוחת בוקר

מתכון פשוט תפוח אדמה אפוי ארוחת בוקר

מתכון תפוחי אדמה אפוי ארוחת בוקר פשוטים הם ירק טעים, צפוף תזונתי, כמו גם בחירה פנטסטית לתדלק את ה- WO שלך

איך בדיוק להכין קערה טובה בהרבה של טיפים לארוחת בוקר בריאה!

איך בדיוק להכין קערה טובה בהרבה של טיפים לארוחת בוקר בריאה!

איך בדיוק להכין קערה בריאה יותר של דגני בוקר. הכינו ארוחת בוקר מהירה שהיא נהדרת עבורכם כמו גם שומרים עליכם עד ארוחת הצהריים עם ה

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