Done and Drenched

When I woke up this morning and heard rain I considered going back to sleep. But, I really needed to get a good run in today (for physical and psychological reasons) so I went for it.

I thought it was just sprinkling, but it was really coming down when I set out! I was drenched within a mile, but I wanted to keep going.
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Ben and I stayed up late talking last night – we had an opportunity to move to Florida and decided not to go a few days ago. I couldn’t really talk about it here, but I’ve basically been holding my breath for the last 2 weeks. So, I really needed to run my thoughts off today – even if it was pouring!

southern California doesn’t function well with rain so all the people driving by kept giving me weird looks. “Who is this crazy girl running in this storm?!?!”

זה אני.

My shoes are completely full of water now. They felt so heavy.

Ten Miles done and drenched.

Since I don’t do it that often, I have to admit running in the rain feels pretty hardcore. I feel proud of myself as people under the shelter of the bus stop shake their heads at me. and it reminds me of this old Nike ad I posted years ago…

“You pretended the snooze button didn’t exist. You dragged your butt out of bed while others slept. While others ate their pancakes you had a feast of protein, glucose and electrolytes. You double-knotted. You left the porch light on and locked the door behind you.

You ran 5Ks, 10Ks, 26.2 miles. Some days more, some days less. You rewarded a long run with a short run. and a short run with a long run. rain tried to slow you. sun tried to microwave you. Snow made you feel like a warrior.

You cramped. You bonked. You paid no mind to comfort. בסופי שבוע. בחופשה. You made excuses to keep going. Questioned yourself. Played mind games. put your heart before your knees. Listened to your breathing. Sweat sunscreen into your eyes. worked on your farmer’s tan. You hit the wall. You went through it.

You decided to be man about it. You decided to be woman about it. finished what you started. proved what you were made of. just kept putting mile after mile on your interval odometer.

For 25 years, you ran. and we ran with you. how much farther will we go? As far as you will.”

Breakfast: I ate a bowl of cereal before showering – I was hungry! Then, I made soy chorizo for breakfast.

Warning: I put onions and green onions in my scramble. I don’t mess around.

Now I’m off to a training class for work. We’re getting a new piece of equipment that I’ve never worked with before – a Flexi Bar. ever used it?

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